Used Tyres Export from Germany – we wholesale and export tyres to all over the world

Turak Tyres is a renowned family enterprise geared to the wholesell and export of used tyres based in Germany.

Since our beginnings in 2010 we solely focus on the export of used tyres from Germany to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North- and South America. Our international sales office is located in the heart of Europe near Cologne, where a professional and experienced team is ready to help.

We are specialized in global wholesell and export of used tyres

We wholesell and export high quality used tyres from Germany at very competitive prices to customers all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time buyer or a regular customer. We do our best to satisfy our customers and promise a reliable services and a trusting partnership.

“It is our main goal to wholesell and export high quality cost-efficient used tyres from Germany to all over the world.”

Sener Turak CEO, Turak Tyres
single tyre

Turak Tyres is an expert in the wholesale of used tyres from Germany to Africa

Over many years we established longtime business relationships and delivered countless 20ft. and 40ft. containers with used tyres to customers in Botswana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Libya, Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon and many more African countrys.


As experienced Exporter in the used tyre business we know very well the needs of the African market. With our knowledge about the popular African used tyre sizes, we are able to help first time buyers to choose the right sizes for their home market. This way we make sure our customers are able to sell their second hand tires in the shortest amount of time possible and maximize their profits.


Together with our longtime transport partners we offer a door-to-door delivery. Our professional packing equipment enables us to double, triple, quadruple, quintuple the used tires, save storage space and reduce the costs of transport.

We supply only mixed contingents of used tyres for export

We sell second hand tyres only in contingents. A contingent is a mixed load of tyres which always includes many different tyre dimensions. Our warehouse holds more than 30.000 tyres sorted according to size and quality.

You can learn more about the sizes and qualities by visiting our used tyres export inquiry form.

Our used tyres from Germany are selected and sorted

We offer three different qualities

Our specialised workers classify second hand tyres in many categories. For example size, quality, DOT and depth of tread are some of the assortments’ characteristics. We guarantee our Grades specification before they become ready for Export.

Eight used tyres


  • Thread depth 1 mm – 3 mm

  • Tyre Quality B

  • All DOTs

  • All brands


  • Thread depth 2,5 mm – 5 mm

  • Tyre quality A and B

  • DOT above 0010

  • All brands


  • Thread depth 4 mm – 8 mm

  • Tyre Quality A

  • DOTs above 0012

  • All brands

What we will do for you!

Doubling, tripling and quadrupling

We will pack up to three used tyres in one. This way we are able to double the amount of used tyres fitting into a container.


We can help, or if you want to, even manage the whole transportation of your used tyres from our warehouse to your desired destination.


Our expierenced workers will make sure to load the maximum amount of tyres possible into a minibus, truck or container.

Export of used tyres

If you wish we and our partners will help you handle the customs formalities and clearance. We will also assist you if any problems should arise.

A worker and a checked tyre

Your advantages

Six arguments at a glance

Turak Tyres has a highly-trained team of experts from various disciplines.

The experience we gained over many years in the used tyres export buisness, enables us to handle your order quickly and affordably.

We will accompany you from the very first contact until the moment you receive your order.

Get in touch with us!

As an international company active in the used tyres export business we speak German and English.
If you write us an email or use our contact form, you may contact us also in Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic or Turkish.

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