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Used tyres

A look at Applications of used tyres (worn out tyres)

used tyresAccording to recent survey and studies, it has been shown that nearly 55 millions of waste tyres are produced every year. If these wastes or used tyres are not monetized properly, it may cause serious effects on the environment and on business. It is mainly because of this reason; people who are all involved in the process of producing, carrying, disposing the waste tyres should be bound to extra care.

With plenty of tyres used and replaced every year, it becomes essential to know that there are plenty of used tyres available. Used tyres are available at affordable cost. People are moving ahead to purchase these types of products because of the quality and durability it has got. Though the second hand tyres are already used, but still they can be used for some more days.

At times, instead of disposing the used tyres without proper precautionary measures, it’s better to recycle the tyres which help in saving the environment. If some of the tyres are in reasonable conditions, it can be re-used and re-treated. This is not the case with all the tyres, some types of tyres are badly damaged such that it can’t be used for any other purposes.

Most often waste tyres are usually used in the construction places like flood defenses as well as landfill sites. The ground up rubber form of tyres can be used in the construction projects. The rubber tyre acts as shock absorbers and hence it can be used to reduce vibration around the railway lines.

There are a plenty of applications wherein used tyres can be utilized like aesthetics applications. The rubber crumps of the tyres can be used for making sports surfaces as well as safety carpets in the children playing areas. On the other hand, entire whole tyres can be used to play in the playgrounds or in swimming pools. You can even make use of used tyres to design attractive flower pots which can be painted any color which suits your garden design.

The used tyres can be used for home furnishing purposes like chairs, tables, flower pots, rugs and other such things which can be used to get a look to your home. Rubber tyres are used to manufacture carpets which are very durable and give soft texture to the foot.

Though it is unlikely used, some of the designers and cloths manufacturers are using it for the purpose of manufacturing cloths out of old tyres. Waste and used tyres are transformed into pumps and sneakers which are made out of inner tubes of tyres. They are water resistant as well as attractive looking. They are also used for manufacturing stunning handbag for ladies and young teens.
Conclusively, old tyres have not reached the verge of its usage once they are out of road. There are plenty of potential applications as described above.

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